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SS002- Chassis Ride Height Gauge 3.0-7.4mm & 3.1-7.5mm

• chassis ride height gauge for 1/10 nitro and electric touring cars
• allows ultra-fine and very precise adjustment of front/rear ride height
• ride height range (3.0-7.4mm) and(3.1-7.5mm)within most used ride height
• precise increments of 0.2mm in the most used range
(standard ride height gauges typically use 1.0mm increments)
• CNC-machined, high-quality lightweight duraluminum
• black coating for smooth, long-lasting finish
• fine-engraved KKPIT logo and scale
• scale engraved on top of steps for easy viewing and use
• Height can be switched by flipping

Vehicle height refers to the height of the vehicle chassis from the ground. Changing the vehicle height will affect the vehicle
The vehicle's grip, center of gravity, and rolling center are affected by the suspension geometry and the distance between them
Excessive changes in ground height will have negative impacts.
When measuring the height of the vehicle, the wheels need to be installed on the vehicle and the vehicle must be at all times
Available status. When measuring and adjusting the vehicle height, the vehicle is in a ready to use state
(But there is no need to install the car shell). Use the twist ring on the shock absorber to raise it
Or reduce the height of the car.

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