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ST001-1 Chassis Droop Gauge Support Blocks for 110(2)10mm height

• chassis droop gauge support blocks for 1/10 cars
• 2 pcs in a set
• allows adjustment of front/rear droop when used with #ST001-2&ST001-3 Chassis
Droop Gauge for 1/10
• CNC-machined, made of high-quality lightweight duraluminum
• black coating for smooth, long-lasting finish
• engraved with KKPIT logo

The bottom dead center is used to limit the free travel of the suspension arm, which limits the upward movement of the frame. This will affect the control feel of the vehicle and the tracking ability of the tires when they are on the track
Sex. (Need to consider the influence of both inclination angle and rolling center simultaneously)
The impact may change in different tracks or grip conditions.
More suspension travel (smaller bottom dead center value) will result in faster response but reduced stability; This is generally applied to more bumpy track surfaces or tracks with more low-speed curves
Has a good effect. Less suspension travel (higher bottom dead center value) will result in greater stability and better performance on flat road tracks.
When setting the bottom dead center, it is necessary to ensure that the values on both sides are consistent.

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