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KKPIT is a brand of Dongguan Qipi Innovation Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. Relying on the company's accumulation in the storage industry for more than ten years, it has always adhered to quality as the bottom line of the industry and is committed to building an industry-leading brand. KKPIT, excellence, only to empower players, this is the core purpose, but also the original intention of KKPIT.KKPIT, keep improving, with the original intention, innovation to provide consumers and OEM customers with more reliable RC models. KKPIT takes the creation of players' experience as the first goal, and is committed to making players feel the charm of RC more.


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We uphold excellence, only to empower players, strictly control quality, and provide players with the best quality products and best services

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Dongguan Qipi Innovation Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., mainly engaged in automotive model products, has a relatively stable customer base

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Our original intention

Our original intention

Keep improving, just to empower players

Company Scale

Company Scale

With Netherlands and US based branch,more than 400 employees, 30 engineers R&D team.

Patent Certification

Patent Certification

With a R&D team of over 30 experienced engineers and advanced facilities, Uniview has obtained over 60 patents.

Stock Status

Stock Status

More than 12000sqm production base,stocks over 500sqm in both branches.

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