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KONE-L GOLDEN BEETLE 1/8-Scale 4WD Electric Desert Truck

KKPIT launched a new 1/8 4WD desert truck: GOLDEN BEETLE, which is fully upgraded from the K1 and adopts a new design for front and rear collision avoidance. the chassis is equipped with cnc 7075-t6 special-shaped chassis with a thickness of 4.0mm as standard, and the front and rear shock absorbers are made of cnc 7075-t6 material with a thickness of 4.0mm. the propeller shaft has been further strengthened and evolved with the 17mm joint, and the differential bevel gear of the whole vehicle is made of special steel gears. The mid-difference cup is made of CR material, which reflects the quality requirements of meticulous craftsmanship. The cassette suspension swingarm system has been redesigned to provide better stability and impact resistance, as well as a better attitude. The tires are KKPIT high-grip truck tires.

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