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Pro drift PDK 1:10 performance

KKPIT has always been keen on the development of RC RC car products, constantly developing new models, actively adopting market feedback and players' suggestions, constantly improving materials and processes, and striving to create the most high-quality domestic models. Following the release of the first familiar short truck product, KONE, KKPIT will launch several new models in 2023, using the latest technology and higher quality. The all-new 1/10 drift RC frame PDK is initially scheduled to be launched in July 2023. Suitable for beginner to intermediate players, it strives to create a drift car with both performance and texture.

微信图片_20240306165406.jpgThe PDK is equipped with a newly designed all-in-one gearbox; Quick-release gearbox back cover (easy for players to maintain and maintain after daily car play); Equipped with LSD limited slip differential, effectively increase the vehicle's mobility and flexibility; THE NEWLY DESIGNED SWEPT QUICK-ADJUST UPPER SWINGARM CAN OBTAIN A LARGER STEERING ANGLE AT THE SAME CASTER SETTING; The suspended motor mount effectively improves the traction on low-grip roads. Players can be more accessible and create better drift stances.


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